Miss Tapas is a small independent restaurant in Peckham. Our aim is to bring everyone closer to Spanish flavours, aromas and traditions that create them by providing the absolute highest quality of tapas. Tapas are originated from Andalucia. It’s a traditional way of eating; but also a culture and experience that is enjoyed with friends, family or colleagues. A relaxed and spontaneous way of combining socialising with sharing food and drink Our products are from Spain but also from Peckham: meat from Flock & Herd and beers from Peckham Brewery.


Miss Tapas, aka Blanca Rowe, arrived in England in 2010 as an au pair. As her passion for great food, and her love of Spain was instinctive - she wanted bringing the best bits of Spain back with her
to England.

In 2013 Blanca started importing the finest Jamón Seville had to offer, whilst this gave Blanca a small memory of home - she felt the Spanish way of eating could give so much more.



Two years later, Blanca landed in Peckham, and thought it most suitable to fulfil her dream idea of  owning a classic Spanish tapas restaurant.

After handing out hundreds of letters enquiring about potential sites, Blanca found a old cake shop at the end of Choumert Road.

After 3 years Miss Tapas has become a foundation of the community in Peckham, and now their sister restaurant, El Segundo furthers their dream.